What’s in your tap water?

Lead, arsenic, bacteria, chlorine, fluoride and nitrates are in your tap water. Always boil your water. Never drink straight from a tap. You should filter your water. Buy a water filter than can filter fluoride. Popular Brita filter, for example, reduces only chlorine.


What's your cause?

Are you passionate about anything? What is it? Do you know how you got here or what you’re supposed to be doing? We are alive, but do we wonder why we live?


Primates that can live at extreme altitude

Snub-nosed monkeys are among the rarest of all primates. These monkeys have adapted to high-altitude living. For example, the black snub-nosed monkey lives at 3400 to 4600 meters above sea level.


Zika Paralisis:

Study Finds Increase in Temporary Paralysis Accompanied Zika Outbreaks. In seven countries that recently experienced Zika outbreaks, there were also sharp increases in the numbers of people suffering from a form of temporary paralysis.



The son of a prominent former Wayne County judge, Dalton Roberson Jr., 42, and his wife, Jakeema Roberson, 41, stole from a Detroit-based nonprofit organization where he worked.

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